May 22, 2024

Tebafan women development association

Haya, a locality in Red State in Eastern Sudan, where people have limited livelihood options, women groups are considered the most marginalized ones among conservative communities of Beja. They are struggling for better life through involving in small scale businesses.

Tebafan women development association was established in May 2018 by a group of 18 women. The objective of the association is to establish handmade work for income generation. They started marketing their products but they were lacking adequate skills, enough capital and accessibility to raw material as well, therefore both production and income were very low.

The women have got support opportunity through Integrated Improvement of Household Food Security Project implemented by Aqua4Sudan Partnership Program and funded by EU and UKAID. The program has supported the women in skill training and in kind  support  through providing  them  with tool kits and working aids such as raw materials for handcrafts, sewing machine, leather machine, gas oven, gas cylinder and materials for food processing.

After the support the women’s net income has increased from 15000 SDG to 45000 SDG per month Producing items takes two weeks so they sell products every two weeks .Women have been able to access new markets selling products at the highway station of Haya and in Port Sudan Market.