April 21, 2024

Board of Trustees

Members 2023 – 2025

No Name  Post Profile
1 Dr. Abdelmageed Mohamed Yahia Chair of Board PhD in Geography, University lecturer, diverse experiences including director of Peace  & Development Centre of Dillinj University, Consultancy on NRM and peace building for INGOs and UN agencies
2 Youssif  Abdelrahman Bushra Deputy Chair MSc in peace and development and long experience working with NGOs and government on development and governance issues.
3 Youssif  Eltayeb Elnour    Treasurer BSC in Law with long experience working with INGOs and NNGOs on both development and emergency interventions. Currently director of NNGO
4 Asmaa Osman Youssif Member MSc on Agriculture With long experience working with UN agencies and NGOs. Currently working on the position of national program coordinator with National NGO
5 Saadia Ahmed Abdelsalam Member MSc on Range & Pasture/ NRM with long experience working for both government and INGOs. Currently working with British Council
6 Samira Mohamed Ahmed Member MSc on Range & Pasture with long experience working with government in different states specially with pastoralist and farmers

Mohamed Elsdeig Allazim

Member MSc on Agriculture with long experience working with INGOs and UN agencies. Currently working with UNE

Ahmed Hanafi Abdelmageed

Member M. Sc in Range Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado with experiences working with Government of Sudan, Agricultural Research Service, US Dept. of Agriculture, USA, NGOs and UN agencies

Sayed Mohamed Ahmed

Member MSc in soil conservation with long experience with Government and UNDP – retired and working on consultancy basis with NGOs and UN agencies

Issa Alsdeig Hassan

Member BSc in Agriculture with long experience with government and currently working with Farmers Bank
11 Youssif Ahmed Mohamed Member Diploma in Agriculture, BSc in education with long experience working on teaching with government and private schools.
12 Abdelhafiz Elobied Mohamed Member MSc on Forestry with long experience on lecturing, development work with NGOs and research work with Tufts University.  Member of CSOs and currently working with Concern World Wide.
13 Maha Balla Abja Member Banker
14 Osman Marzoug Ahmed Member Officer
15 Alrasheed Hassan Alrasheed Member Msc in Law, Judge