May 22, 2024

Ohaj Abu Fatima Faki Onur is 50 years old, lives in Haya locality, Red Sea State, East Sudan, he works as a carpenter for livelihood, taking care of household of nine members, hardly his income cover family needs. Ohaj every week takes his wood to Port Sudan (200km) for cutting as there is no saw machine in his area.  This weekly trip to Port Sudan costs Ohaj a lot to prepare wood, he wastes a lot of time and spends more money in preparing woods as well his income decreases due to additional cost.

Ohaj has received support from Integrated Improvement of Household Food Security Project implemented by Aqua4Sudan Partnership Program and funded by EU and UKAID. The program provided him with electric saw machine which eased his work very much. Ohaj’s net income used to be around 15000 SDG per month now raised to 60,000 SDG. Moreover he is serving other carpenters in Haya and in adjacent locality Durdeb . Also has h been able to cover his kids’ most needs.