June 24, 2024
Meet Leila, a 32 years old single mother. She lives in Kejaira village in West Kordofan state. To support her family, Leila sells coffee and tea at the local market once a week. In addition to animal rearing, Leila also cultivates some crops in the rainy season. However, despite the effort that Leila was doing, it was challenging to afford the family’s expenses.
Therefore, SOS Sahel Sudan with support from Concern World Wide helped Leila to increase her income and improve her family diet by introducing nutritious and cost-effective food. She received a lactating goat, six hens, and vegetable seeds included Okra, Egg Plant, Tomato, and Cow Peas. All that came with a piece of training on vegetable farming and animal husbandry techniques. Leila worked hard in managing her new resources using the information she acquired. After the rainy season, she sold part of the harvest for 12,000 SDG and saved a portion for the family consumption. Moreover, she sold some of the hens for 4,800 SDG. Leila said ‘’ Now we have new types of food in the house, my family eats vegetables on a daily basis which improved their health‘’. She uses her animal products (eggs and milk) in making food for her children and sells the extra amounts in the local market. Leila believes she owes the significant improvement in her life to the SOS Sahel assistance. #Support_Women #OrangeTheWorld