June 24, 2024
Am Isa Suliman Mohammed Adam, am 52 years old , I married two wives and have 8 children, 5 girls and 3 boys, before project support My main source of income come from farming my small rain-fed plots using traditional methods to produce stable food crop like Millet, and sorghum, and because of traditional methods used and recurrent erratic rain-falls the harvest is not always enough to feed my big families, 1 used to earn some income during dry season by practicing retailed trade selling demotic households goods at weekly based villages weekly marketplace known by Um Ta-Jouk village Marketplace
Currently I got opportunity to join SIDA project, implemented by SOS Sahel-Sudan in our area, where new Agriculture extension approach called Farmers Field Schools introduced to me together with neighbouring farmers. In which farmers meet in an open field to learn about improve farming methods, from this am able acquired a lot of improved agriculture practices knowledge include appropriate agricultural skills through comprehensive On-field farmers training in how to improve the methods of agriculture cultural practices using new agricultural techniques. And I also learned much about how to maximize Soil fertility and seeds selection processes, land preparation skill and techniques, planting, crops pests and diseases control, as well as good harvesting and stocking techniques to avoid crops losses during harvest and stocking, the project team also provided marketing skills include market information and direct marketing in group in order to avoid Middle men these help me to obtain fair prices and increased my income
1 acknowledge SOS Sahel for allowing me to be part of such life skill learning journey, where 1 learned and benefited much in term of increase production and incomes compared with my previous traditional agriculture methods that 1 used to practice. Now I have enough skill to have good production and harvest, with less harvesting losses and also able to stock my crops in proper ways without being damage by store insects, I have also a lot knowledge about marketing processes that helped me much to increase income and better provide to my family members whom their live is changing to the better thank for SOS Sahel for providing me with such learning experience that changing my life and livelihood