May 22, 2024
Nafisa and her daughter Amna showed how the partnership offers a smart solution to improve the family’s income. With assistance from SOS Sahel Sudan and Norwegian Church Aid, both women received funds to establish small businesses, in a condition of reimbursement.
On one hand, Nafisa got four sheep and fodder in addition to technical advice on animal rearing. The loan cost was 5000 SDG, and due to advice she applied, Nafisa gained 8000 SDG as net profit. On the other hand, Amna was trained in sewing and provided a sewing machine. In view of the fact that no tailor is around in the village or nearby, Nafisa and Amna decided to establish a partnership in sewing and selling clothes. Nafisa invested a portion of her money to buy the fabrics from Obied city, and her daughter sews them. Now, they sell clothes and make good money. Nafisa said that ” I am grateful for SOS Sahel because my daughter and I are able to support the big family”.