List Of presidents

Period Name No
First period Dr. Omer Abd Alla El egame 1
second period Dr. Hashem Mohamed Elhassan 2
Third Period (Current ) Dr. Abd Elmageed Mohamad Yahya 3

Executive Committee Members 2015 - 2017

# Name Post
Dr. Abdelmajeed Mohamed Yahya Chair of the executive committee
Youssif  Abdelrahman Bushra Deputy Chair
Youssif  Eltayeb Elnour Treasurer
Asmaa Osman Youssif Member
Saadia Ahmed Abdelsalam Member
Samira Mohamed Ahmed Member
Mohamed Siddeig Allazim Member
Saif Aldeen Abd Alrazig's profile photo, Image may contain: 1 person Saif Eldeen Abd elrazig Member
Sayed Mohamed Ahmed Member
Issa Alsdeig Hassan Member
Ahmed Idris Ali Member
Youssif Ahmed Mohamed Member
Amal Abd Elfadel Aldehab Member
Ahmed Abd Elmagedd Hanafe Member
Abdelhafiz Elobied Mohamed Member