Over the last 3 years, SOS Sahel Sudan has implemented the following projects:

# Project Title Budget in Euro Donor Main objectives
1 Capacity strengthening of Community Based Organisations in North Kordofan 550,000


To strengthen the capacity of 35 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in 4 Localities in North Kordofan, so that they are able to engage productively with natural resource management (NRM) and local development in a participatory manner, thereby reducing poverty and promoting an inclusive and empowered society.
2 Peace building and peaceful co-existence in Dar Alsalam and Kalemendo localities, North Darfur 130,000


Greater local capacity to manage and mitigate conflict in the communities and greater involvement in community conflict mitigation activities by the DRA andSupport peace and reconciliation efforts in Darfur.

3 Community based Environmental Action Plan CEAP 96,000


To improve the abilities of nomadic pastoralists and resident communities to manage their environment and resources in a more sustainable manner and to cope effectively with environmental challenges such as climatic variability and intensified land-use through community based environmental action planning processes (CEAP), adjusted to the needs of nomadic communities, on a pilot basis with two selected nomadic communities and all natural resources users.

4 Community based conflict reduction and natural resource management 250,000 HU

Pastoralist and farming communities in the Abyei region of Sudan are able to reconcile their  competing interests and reduce the vulnerabilities of their livelihoods without triggering widespread violent conflict between them

5 Support Small-scale producers 100,000



The project aim is to enhance the local communities of the six areas self-organisation capacity and raise their small business technical and managerial skills that improves their livelihoods towards self-reliant. 

6 Emergency response to conflict-affected people 427,000

Oxfam America

The overall objective of the project is to reduce vulnerability and suffering amongst IDPs and conflict-affected people in South Kordofan through the provisioning of water, sanitation and hygiene promotion (WASH), distribution of NFIs and emergency food security.

7 WASH project 161,000


Improve access of the IDPs and host communities in Al-Goz locality to adequate water and sanitation services.

8 Pastoralists Development 71,260


Promoting Evidence Based Understanding of Pastoralist Livestock Mobility as a tool for peace-building, conflict mitigation and development planning