Whate we do

Current context in SK and implications

Overview of SOS Sahel programs

 Conflict all over SK.

 War between Sudan and S Sudan.

 Negative impact of climate change.

 Conflict around natural Resources.

 Limited access to affected people. 

Programs objectives

 Pastoral and farming communities in South Kordofan enjoy peaceful and prosperous livelihoods through shared management of natural resources

 Enable inclusive participation in development through strengthened capacity of Civil Society Structures

 Reduce poverty and suffering of conflict affected populations through provision of NFIs and WASH services 

South Kordofan programe components

 Civil society capacity-building on natural resources management and conflict reduction

 Improvement of water sources around pasture areas (Sand Dams, Hafirs, Bore Holes)

 Demarcation of livestock corridors

 Protection of pasture and rehabilitation of grazing areas


 NFI distribution

 WASH services